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Mice, fleas, cockroaches, ants and bedbugs have been a menace to mankind since the first humans walked the earth. Many people think you or your home has to have something wrong with it in order to be infested with bedbugs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Bedbugs were nearly wiped out in the US and other developed nations but, several factors have brought these irritating insects back into the limelight. These factors include:

• Resistance to insecticides

• World travel of hosts (mainly humans)

• Pre-owned furniture and bedding

• Overseas shipments of goods

The introduction of DDT into the environment proved fatal to the bedbug. But since DDT has been withdrawn from use, other insecticides have proved useless because of a built up resistance in bedbugs and their eggs. With world travel becoming more predominated every year, bedbugs find their way into clothing, luggage, hotel and hostel bedding and camping equipment. They are excellent stowaways. The economy has had a role in the increase in the bedbug population. Since discretionary funds are in short supply, Americans have opted to buy used furniture and bedding. Through no fault of their own, these pre-owned item sometimes have bedbugs hiding in small seams and in lightly laundered linens. Most of the bedbugs come in with shipments of goods from overseas. These little flat rascals can go up to a year without eating so they are perfectly happy to sit and wait on cargo ships and warehouses until their hosts bring them into their homes.

Now that we have given you a crash course in bed bugs we can tell you how to get rid of them.

The DIY method of ridding your home of bedbugs is to thoroughly vacuum out mattresses and pillows and wash all bedding, including comforters and blankets in hot water. With a strong vacuum, vacuum carpets, animal bedding and any crevices where you sleep or rest. If this doesn’t solve the problem it is time for the professionals at EcologyE.P.

There is such as social stigma in having bedbugs in your home EcologyE.P. is very discreet. Our trucks are unmarked and our employees do not wear identifying uniforms. We will come to your house when it is convenient for you and your family. If you think you have bed bugs in more than one place in your home we will bring our K-9 co-worker, Sid. He is a highly trained bedbug detector. Dogs have been used for years in sniffing out drugs, explosives and escaped convicts. In recent years they have been trained to sniff out bedbugs.

Make an appointment with us today to come and inspect your home. Visit our blog or to learn the fact and the fiction about bedbugs. We will inspect your home and give you an estimate for treating the infested areas. We offer up to a 30 day guarantee on our work. Bedbugs are a fact of live but, they are manageable. Remember: Anyone can get bedbugs. Let us show them they are not welcome.


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