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Did you know the bed bug population in the United States has increased 500% since 2009?

Bed BugIn a recent report from the Health and Human Services Department, the bed bug population has increased 500% since 2009. They were nearly eradicated in the 80’s and 90’s due to the use of DDT and other insecticides. However, after DDT was removed from the environment they started to resurface. With worldwide travel so common place it’s easy to see why bedbugs have become the newest globetrotting pest.

The presence of these vermin has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene. You may have won the house keeper of the century award or maybe you vacuum twice a year. Bed bugs don’t discriminate. These insects hitch rides in luggage, clothing, and shipping boxes and anywhere they can find the right surroundings. Many property and business owners are mortified to find out, usually the hard way; they have a bed bug infestation and are willing to go to any lengths to exterminate them. The only redeeming quality these retched bugs have is they do not spread disease; other than a really bad case of the goose bumps.

Here at EcologyEP in New York, we know all too well the embarrassment of having bedbugs in your home, rental property or commercial building. We also know there is nothing to be humiliated about but, we understand you just want to get rid of them. Unlike other pest extermination companies, we are discreet. Our employees wear nothing to indicate they are pest control professionals and we drive unmarked vehicles to avoid any uncomfortable questions as to why an exterminator is in the building.

bed bug dogWe have a very unique way of detecting bed bugs. We have a K-9 search unit. Man’s best friend has been used in drug and bomb detection along with search and rescue missions. Dog’s have a sense of smell that is unequaled in the animal kingdom. Our K-9 detection co-worker, Sid is specially trained to detect bed bugs with 95% accuracy.

In these days of ‘Going Green’, we may use a natural method of pet control for your situation. The equipment we use is Cryonite®, a poison free pest control system. After Sid detects a bedbug infestation we can determine whether pesticides will be necessary for your residence or place of employment.

If you live in or your commercial property is in the NYC area, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn; please call 718.748.2444 for free estimates and up to a 30 day guarantee on our work. If after 30 days of your initial treatment the problem persists we will retreat the area to rectify the issue at no extra charge. We will work with your schedule to cause the least disruption in any daily routines. We have many answers to your questions on our blog or our website www.ecologyenvironmentalprofessionals.com/residential-services.html. Bed bugs are like mosquitoes, rodents and cockroaches, they may be a fact of life but you don’t have to live with them. Call 718.748.2444 and let us help you today.


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If after 30 days of your initial treatment the problem persists we will retreat the area to rectify the issue at no extra charge